Let us transform your wedding venue with uplighting. There is truly an art to event lighting; between the proper light fixtures, the science behind how certain colors make people feel, and even the placement of lights. Uplighting can be used to wash the entire room with a color or even accent a particular feature of the space. Lighting allows us to set the specific mood you desire for your special day whether its relaxed and laid back or more energetic and playful. With our LED uplights we are able to color match any color you can imagine. We can enhance the colors of your wedding by matching the bridesmaid’s dresses, flowers, centerpieces, or any color that compliments the wedding theme. ┬áSome of the best features of the LED lights we use without getting too technical is that the fixtures are actually battery operated, controlled wireless through our computer and will never get hot to touch. Using battery operated lights allow us to place lights anywhere even those hard to reach places where having taped wires across the floor would be an eye sore. We are also able to control the lights during the event; so maybe during dinner you want a more relaxed color and then during open dancing the lights can change to another solid color or we can continue to have them change to follow the music throughout the night. The options are endless, let us help you to create the incredible fairy tale wedding you have been dreaming about your whole life!

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