“We do not remember days, we remember moments”. – Cesare Pavese

“I have had so many people tell me that our wedding was one of the best/most fun weddings they’ve been to and personally I credit you for that” that’s the exact experience we want at your wedding. Think about the impact the entertainment leaves on one of the single biggest nights of your life. It’s about the relationship that is built between a vendor and client. Many times working together on such an incredible day we start to feel like we are working with a friend we’ve known for our whole life. We like to know that our clients feel just as comfortable with us as we do with them. From the moment we begin talking about the ideas and thoughts for your wedding day to the smallest personal details such as the cake cutting set was from your Grandparent’s wedding 52 years ago. These details come from the one on one time you get working with our staff to create a seamless timeline that not only compliments your personality as a couple but works well with your venue. We are proud that our DJs are true to the artform of Djing, anyone can be a jukebox, but it takes years of loving music to know when to mix out of one song and mix into the next. It’s about creating a seamless soundtrack for your wedding.

We never lose sight of our client’s vision. Most of our clients discover us from events they’ve personally attended or word-of-mouth. Every event is treated as if it was our own, never cutting corners and always striving for perfection. From the moment you contact us, our job is creating an experience that leaves memories and stories for years to come.

Let us help you to create those lasting memories!


Uplighting can transform any space for your special day!


Spotlighting really is the “icing on the cake.” Spotlight all the key moments!


Customize your dance floor with your names in lights.

Dancing on the Clouds

Dancing on the clouds will make your fairy tale wedding become a reality!

Photo Booths

Open air Photo booth for any occasion.

Lounge Furniture & TVs

TVs on our totems to have custom slideshows and video mixing! Add lounge furniture to any venue!


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Lighting, when done right, can take an ordinary or bland space and turn it into an oasis of color and emotion. Lighting can also enhance an already beautiful place and truly make it unique to your event. The options are endless and we can help direct your vision into reality. We want the moment you and your guest see the venue for the first time on your wedding day to be absolutely breathtaking. Let us help you create your dream wedding!