Ready to see what the biggest school dances in Virginia are all about?

JJDJ Entertainment, has been producing Monster School Dances in Northern Virginia for YEARS! We are a full service production company. We service Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Schools. We specialize in Proms, Homecomings, Winter Formals and other Teen Events. Our vision entails more than just putting on another school dance; we create an unbelievably high energy experience for every student, sponsor, and school!

What makes us different is the experience; we do more than just show up and play the same songs as the other guys. Our DJs spend countless hours perfecting their craft, finding the hottest music that has been edited specifically for schools and mixing a seamless masterpiece for your school dance! Our lighting will blow you away, from large lighting setup over the dance floor to jaw dropping special effects! We do more than setup a simple tripod with random blinking lights. Our sound is something we pride ourselves on; we use REAL CONCERT SOUND! You know when you are at a live concert, and when the artist takes the stage the bass kicks and you feel that thump in your chest? Yeah, we use those kind of speakers! We setup enough sound so that the entire crowd is truly party rocking – not just the students near the front! Overkill? Maybe so, but it’s your school dance and we want it to be one for the record books!

JJDJ has been featured in the news multiple times for our school dances. The news coverage is a direct result of being the company setting the bar for everyone else that has anything to do with school dances! When was the last time you saw people not only show up on time for your school dance, but actually stay until the last song? With our promotion and one on one time with the students and sponsors, we give you a school dance unlike none other.  We don’t cut corners and pride ourselves on quality over quantity, this is one reason our homecoming and prom tours sell out of open spots every year. While focusing on 2-3 dances a weekend we are able to bring a consistent level of entertainment at each of our schools instead of some schools getting the best and others getting left with whatever left in the warehouse. Our equipment inventory may grow, but we never lose focus on our goal and that is to take school dances and put every ounce of creativity and passion into them.

Custom Setups

Let our team create a custom setup specifically for your school!

MCs & DJs

Real club DJs and high energy MCs for all dances!


High powered incredible laser shows!

Photo Booths

Photo Booths are perfect for any event!

Lounge Furniture & TVs

Add Lounge Furniture & TVs to any event!