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Alyssa’s Super Sweet 16 – Sterling Virginia

By In Sweet 16 On October 31, 2011

We have been working with Alyssa’s mother for over 6 months before this event, its bitter sweet after these events. We feel like we become part of their family with the casual conversations on Facebook and in-between the emails, texts, phone calls & IMs, we are so happy to see all the planning come together, but at the end of the evening deep down, we know we will miss working with our clients!

Shelly (Alyssa’s Mother) was no exception, she wanted to give her daughter the biggest and elaborate sweet 16 she could! Immediately after talking with Shelly and looking at the venue with her we knew the possibilities were endless with this room. The venue was the “Stone House” which is a community center in their neighborhood. Through the main doors you walked right into a huge open hardwood floored room with lofts on both sides and a staircase that connected at the back wall. As a lighting professional this style of room has so many possibilities!

We decided we would run not two but FOUR totem setups, one on each corner of the dance area. Alyssa's Super Sweet 16 - JJDJ Entertainment - Virginia DJ We decided to bring in one of our Yorkville Subwoofers to bring that chest pumping bass we are known for with our “Prom Tours”. We decided that under each loft on the ground floor we would light up those walls in pink, while letting the totems light the entire center of the room. Picture’s just don’t do justice. Alyssa's Super Sweet 16 - JJDJ Entertainment - Virginia DJThe visual of when you were walking up the sidewalk to the community center and from all the windows you could see this Pink/Blue/Purple glow just pouring out the windows was an incredible site! After parking our vehicles after setting up, I found myself thinking “MAN I wish this was MY PARTY!”

There were two main things that just caught your eye right as you walked through the door, the beautiful cake Shelly had custom made for her daughter along with a canvas portrait behind.Alyssa's Super Sweet 16 - JJDJ Entertainment - Virginia DJ But as soon as you walked through the door you were greeted by a custom monogram we had cut just for Alyssa.


Alyssa's Super Sweet 16 - JJDJ Entertainment - Virginia DJThe event was beyond amazing! This has to be one of the biggest transformation with an event all year. The colors of all the lights really complimented all of the decorations that were in the room! Take a moment to look at all the photos in the below gallery! For your daughter’s Super Sweet 16, come rock with us! Let our lighting transform your event!

Some of the pictures are from PSQuared Photographic at

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  • Cory Bean 6 YEARS AGO

    You guys did a great job with the sound and lighting for this event and it looks as if everyone had a great time. I love the mirror ball. Thanks for sharing your photos and video. Cory