Osbourn High Schools 2014 Homecoming Recap

Osbourn High Schools 2014 Homecoming Recap

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This time of the year in 2013, we just finished an incredible homecoming in Manassas, Virginia at Osbourn High School. We flew in a Celebrity DJ, Jason Dawson, better known as “DJ JD”. The weeks following that homecoming dances there was a talk from students and even parents commenting on the experience that was Osbourn’s 2013 Homecoming. Within the weeks following the dance we immediately began talking with the school in regards to their 2014 Homecoming. For years their dance was always hosted inside the cafeteria, the low ceilings limited what our company could do with staging and lighting. We brought up the concept with moving the dance into the Gymnasium. Our company has been taking rooms like a gymnasium and transforming them into a unique student experience for years now, so we were prepared to do it with OHS. Our vision is to create a club like atmosphere that feels everything like a concert, but just happens to be your school dance. Through the year of meetings, planning and preparation with the school on making this transition on October 25th 2014 all the hard work paid off. Through our unique promotional methods, visual display of lighting, the feeling from the bass of your favorite sound through your chest and the energy in the room from a your classmate all led to a homecoming like never before as Osbourn High School.

We love pushing our hashtags #JJDJ and #OHSHomecoming throughout the night, we had to share one of our favorites!!!

“DC Nightclub? Nope, its the #OHShomecoming” 

Key Things to Know!

[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-music” color=”#27bdea” margin_right=”14″ font_size=”14″]Incredible DJ and MC[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]
[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-share” color=”#27bdea” margin_right=”14″ font_size=”14″]Concert Lighting & Uplighting[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]
[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-volume-up” color=”#27bdea” margin_right=”14″ font_size=”14″]Concert Sound & Atmosphere[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]
[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-camera” color=”#27bdea” margin_right=”14″ font_size=”14″]Photobooth Pictures[/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]
[TS-VCSC-Icon-List icon=”ts-awesome-star” color=”#27bdea” margin_right=”14″ font_size=”14″]Students & Administration Approved [/TS-VCSC-Icon-List]

#JJDJ #OHSHomecoming

Check out the Photobooth Pictures from OHS HoCo2014!

Osbourn High School 2014 Homecoming Recap

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