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Our 2012 Wedding Bundle! $600 Worth of Savings!

By In News, Specials, Weddings On July 7, 2011

This past year JJDJ Entertainment has expanded tremendously.

We invested a huge amount in our lighting division during 2011. Our goal was to bring beautiful lights to our clients! We wanted that elegant touch without the cheesy lights! A new look we are bringing with our 2012 weddings are the dual totem setup.

These setups are available in either 5ft or 7ft totems. Height of totems are determining on venue size and ceiling heights. We sleeve our totems with a white spandex sleeve and uplight the totem. This gives the totems a glowing effect. What we will do then is have these set on a predetermined color or have them cycle through colors. Brides have fallen in love with them because now they can have more decor options by adding these lighted beauties! As you can see in the pictures they do help add to the room’s ambience as well! If your colors are blue and pink, we could have the totems cycling in blue and pink colors to help create the ambience in the room for your special day!

With these new lighted totems we can also color match custom colors. We understand the “green” in your wedding isn’t the normal green, it may be a bit lighter with a hint of blue, well you’re in luck! With the cutting edge LED technology we are able to color match just about any color you can dream of! The greatest thing of all is that we can change the colors on the fly by our fully computerized light control software.
Now this is only a small portion of our 2012 Wedding Bundle! On top of our totem setups we have our brand new moving head fixtures! We utilize these fixtures in so many ways, but we want to share a few that you may be interested in hearing about!

  • We can spotlight all the special events throughout the evening! For example, lets say your grandparents will be at your wedding, you aren’t planning on having them walk in with your wedding party, but you do want to acknowledge them being there with you on your special day. Well we can have our lighting designer program the fixtures so when we are about to introduce the wedding party we can spotlight your grandparents and acknowledge them.
  • We also use these fixtures to spotlight the door or walk way for the grand introduction, as well as other key events planned throughout the evening. Such as the First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss, Garter Removal/Toss, and any other special moments you want customized
  • During the cocktail and/or dinner portion of the evening we can have these lights project shapes, dots, stars, you name it, and have them set on on location or just softly moving throughout the room!
  • And lastly, when its time to loosen up that top button and put on your dancing shoes, these lights will move across the floor changing shapes and colors creating energy on the dance floor!

One of the biggies we have been asked to do for a few years, and just haven’t had the ability to offer this service was custom monograms! Now with our new fixtures we are able to have custom cut monograms saying “Ryan and Nicole 1-2-12” or one of the other MANY options we can have done. We have a full catalog of sample monograms designs you and yours can choose from to create something special and unique for your wedding.

These are just some of the MANY features of our 2012 Wedding Bundle. Contact us today to discuss how we can make your dream wedding come true! E-mail us at Info@JJDJEntertainment.com or call us at 703-596-1214. We look forward to working with you!

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